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Dear Parents, welcome to the Year 1 Page.

Please remember every day your child must bring:

* Water bottle with their name on

* Hat

* Pencil case - including pencil, rubber, pencil crayons, pencil sharpener, ruler

* Folder - including their planner. Letters returned can be left in here for their teacher

* Reading log and reading book- please read with your child each night and write a comment in their reading log.


Dear Parents/Caregivers,

We are excitedly preparing for our Year 1 Concert on Monday the 1st of May and have chosen some popular songs to sing with some of our own special words in the lyrics.
Can you please help your child practice their Class Song and our Year 1 Song ‘Happy’ at home?

Your child will bring home the words for their class song, or you can find them in the Song Booklet on Wikispace.

Please use the link on Wikispace for your class to practice the shorter version of their song. They will have many Music lessons and class practices to help learn their songs as well. We thank you for helping them practice at home too.
Your child’s costume will need to be provided before the Concert.
Please look for your class name below to see what is required and bring your costume to your class teacher by no later than Sunday 9th April.

Red and Teal - Believe in Yourself
Plain black t-shirts for the children to paint on.
Black trousers or leggings.
Yellow and Pink - What makes you Beautiful
Plain white t-shirts for the children to paint on.
Any colour blue trousers or leggings.

Aqua and Green - Don't Give Up
Plain white t-shirts for the children to paint on.
Black trousers or leggings.

Blue and Peach - Best Day of my Life
Plain white t-shirts for the children to paint on.
Black trousers or leggings.

Indigo and Lilac - Firework
Plain white t-shirts for the children to paint on.
Red trousers or leggings.

Orange - Shake it Off
Plain white t-shirts for the children to paint on.
Black trousers or leggings.

Purple - Shake it Off
Plain black t-shirts for the children to paint on.
Black trousers or leggings.


Information on the week ahead in Year 1 19th March 2017

English – The children continue to practise listening to and learning how to write instructions based on their own experiences. They will also be learning to recognise and complete sentences and identify the nouns, verbs and adjectives
Mathematics – This week the children continue to practise the concept of one more and one less as well as ten more and ten less. They will also be revising teen numbers.
Science – The children will be continuing their work on plants. They will be investigating fruits and vegetables and what part of the plant they come from as well as the functions of the plant.
Philosophy – The children will be practicing their listening skills and trying to build on other children’s ideas. They will be generating and discussing their own questions in response to the value of the month Environmental Awareness
PE – Please ensure children wear the correct PE uniform to school. All jewelry and earrings must be removed.
Library Books – Here the children will get a chance to look at the school library books and take one home for the week. They must be returned each week on their library session.
This will be the last week of the spelling test on Thursday 23rd March.

Term 1 Curriculum Letter
Here is the information of what we will be covering in Term 2 of Year 1.


If you struggle with your English sounds please click on this link to help you hear and say the sounds...
Once on the page, scroll down to 'Say the Sounds'...
Say the Sound
Say the Sound

bug club.png
bug club.png
Reading books – this year we will be using our new reading program ‘Bug Club’ as well as our other reading scheme… Please use this to practice your comprehension skills ready for the end of term reading assessment.
Log onto your Active Learn account and you find your Bug Club reading book. Try and read every day so you can improve and learn more English… Bug Club Active Learn
When you see the little bug click on him to find some questions about what you are reading…
bug club1.png
bug club1.png


For additional, optional learning the children have access to a great interactive website called Active Learn. They can log on at home using a tablet or computer and complete different activities like reading stories, maths games and phonics games.
This is an optional activity that you can use and is not part of their homework.
You can find their website access codes inside their planner and the password for everyone is changeme
The school code is twkc
The best internet browser to use is GoogleChrome and please check that the 'pop up blocker' is switched off.

Please use the link to access the site.

active learn.png
active learn.png


ICT Classwork
We have access to the ICT website that contains the worksheets that children have been completing in class in Term 2. This website will help you if you wish to follow up on work we are completing in class, this is NOT homework. http://epradonba.wixsite.com/ictwithmrsprado/year1-term2

year 1 homework sign.png

Here are Term 2 Summery booklets to help support your child with revision for the Term 2 assessments. Your child doesn't have to complete every page, it is only to help. The answer booklet is also available. Please do not hand these booklets into your teacher but they will help with any questions.

Here are some reading papers to practice:

star spelling pic.jpg moon spelling pic.jpg

Your child has been assigned a spelling group and you can find this group name in their planner.

Please print off their word list and practice at home. The next test will be on Thursday the 23rd March. THIS WILL BE THE LAST SPELLING OF THE TERM BUT PLEASE PRACTICE THE TRICKY WORDS AND HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FOR THE ASSESSMENT.

The spelling test will be every Thursday and results will be written in the school planner.

Spelling sheets do not need to be returned to class teachers, they can be kept at home to help children to practice. Thank you.

You can also practice these tricky words and high frequency words at home.

Below are some links that you may find useful to use at home with your child/children. It is entirely up to you if you access these sites or not; they are simply there for extra activities to undertake at home. Please don't forget to use Education City too!! Enjoy!
English sites

ICT Games Maths and LiteracyPhonics PlayStar Fall
Oxford Owl Reading
Galactic Phonics
Letters and Sounds
Phonics Games

Maths Sites

BBC Maths
Woodlands Junior School
Top MarksPrimary Maths Games Primary Resources (see Year 1 resources)
ABCya Maths and Literacy

Science Sites

Cricket Web for Science activities
BBC Science Key Stage 1
Top Marks for 'Ourselves' Science Topic

Children can also practise their English language skills at home, by listening to any English cartoons/shows available on Youtube. 'Alphablocks' is a fun show, that supports Phonics learning; 'Numerjacks' teaches number skills.
Thank you for your support at home.


Newton British Academy has a Road Safety Instagram account. Click on the image above
and follow us please. Let us help make the roads a safer place.

year 1 timetable sign2.png

Please ensure your child comes in full school uniform each day.

On P.E days children should come to school in their PE clothes.

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