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Internet Safety Competition
If you would like to take part, please read the information and submit your posters to your class teacher on Thursday 19th April.
good luck...

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Hutchin
Head of Year 2

Please find a copy of Year 2 Term 3 Curriculum overview. This is what will be covered this term...

Year 2 Weekly Note outlining what will be covered this week


Newton British Academy has a Road Safety Instagram account. Click on the image above and follow us. Let us help make the roads a safer place.


If you struggle with your English sounds please click on this link to help you hear and say the sounds...

Once on the page, scroll down to 'Say the Sounds'...

Say the Sound

Say the Sound

Please find below a list of websites with fun interactive games and resources to practise phonics with your child. These games will improve their reading ability.


bug club.png
Reading books – this year we will be using our new reading program ‘Bug Club’ as well as our other reading scheme… Please use this to practice your comprehension skills ready for the end of term reading assessment.

Log onto your Active Learn account and you find your Bug Club reading book. Try and read every day so you can improve and learn more English… Bug Club Active Learn

When you see the little bug click on him to find some questions about what you are reading… bug club1.png



This week in English we have been learning about the features of a paragraph of a formal letter.


Highlight the paragraphs in different colours. Create a key at the bottom to show the sender’s address, the recipient’s address, the opening paragraph, the main body and the closing paragraph.

Divide the letter into paragraphs and copy it onto the letter template. Highlight the paragraphs and create a key at the bottom. You need to identify the sender’s and the recipient’s address, the opening paragraph, the main body and the closing paragraph.


Divide the letter into paragraphs, put them into the correct order and copy it onto the letter writing frame. Highlight the paragraphs and create a key at the bottom. You need to identify all paragraphs.


Every Thursday the children will take part in a spelling test. Practise these spellings everyday and write sentences using the spelling words. Try to include correct punctuation and interesting vocabulary.




Please use the link to access the site.

Homework is also available on Active Learn – use your username and password and the school code: twkc to access the activities.
active learn.png

In Maths this week children have been learning to read and construct tally charts, block diagrams and tables. They have been interpreting and completing pictograms and block graphs where 1 symbol represents 1/2 items. They have been reading and entering data in tables, answering questions about totaling and comparing categorical data. Children must complete the ‘Favourite Subject Activity’. Children must complete the tally chart and use this data to complete the bar chart.
Children must complete the following worksheets.




Read about recycling with your family and design a poster

Raise awareness of recycling waste at home and encourage your family and friends to recycle their garbage by making a poster which includes the following information:

  • .* Items which can be recycled such as plastic bottles, cardboard/paper, aluminium cans, glass bottles etc.
  • * Where is your nearest recycle bins?
  • * Why is it important to recycle?
Make your posters clear and colourful. Use bold writing and write a clear message about why recycling is important.

Your class teacher will award Class Dojo Homework points to the best Recycling Posters.