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Year 2 Curriculum – Term Three

Dear Parents,

This is an outline of what will be covered during Term 3 in Year 2. This gives you an idea of what concepts are being taught.

For the rest of the term the children in Year 2 will focusing on revision for the upcoming assessments. Please help them to revise. As this is not homework the work will not be marked. However if your child need help with something please contact your class teacher and they will explain it to them.

Please note - Fidget Spinners are banned from school and should not be brought to school even for Golden Time.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Hutchin
Head of Year 2

Year 2 Weekly Note


Newton British Academy has a Road Safety Instagram account. Click on the image above and follow us. Let us help make the roads a safer place.


Please find Year 2 Class timetables


If you struggle with your English sounds please click on this link to help you hear and say the sounds...

Once on the page, scroll down to 'Say the Sounds'...

Say the Sound

Say the Sound

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Reading books – this year we will be using our new reading program ‘Bug Club’ as well as our other reading scheme… Please use this to practice your comprehension skills ready for the end of term reading assessment.

Log onto your Active Learn account and you find your Bug Club reading book. Try and read every day so you can improve and learn more English… Bug Club Active Learn

When you see the little bug click on him to find some questions about what you are reading… bug club1.png

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This term children will be split into 2 groups for spellings: Moons and Stars.
Your class teacher will tell children which group they are in. They must learn those spellings for the weekly spelling test and complete the sentences. Make sure they include interesting adjectives, connectives and check for spelling mistakes.

If you are unsure please contact your class teacher.

Moons Spelling words:

Stars Spelling words:



Dear parents,

I would like you know, Term 3 is very short, so the pupils will need to design a poster about 'Internet Safety' or 'Cyber bullying'.

The pupils can use paint, colours, markers or any other material for it. They are free to decide if they want to use Microsoft Paint and print it or they can do it by hand.

The poster needs to have the pupil's name, class colour and ICT subject on it.
Size: A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm)

The due date is the 21st of May 2017.

Thank you.
Mrs Prado



Please find attached the Assessment schedule for Term 3 Assessments.


Please use the link to access the site.

Homework is also available on Active Learn – use your username and password and the school code: twkc to access the activities.
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Please work through the Maths revision activities.

Maths A assessment will be based on arithmetic and will focus on addition, minus, division and multiplication questions. For this you need to revise your number and place value and the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

Addition and number bonds

Times Tables


Maths B will focus on Measurement, Statistics and Geometry. Please revise the time, days of the week, and months of the year, reading a bar chart, reading and making a tally chart, position and direction.

Maths revision answers

Topic Revision

Below is the areas of Topic that will be covered this Term. Please work through the worksheets and follow the instructions.

Qatar History Revision
English only:

Please use the documents to revise for the upcoming assessment.

English Revision- Reading, Writing and SPaG
Below is a selection of comprehensions. Read the information texts and then answer the questions.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)
Below is a selection of SPaG mats for the children to complete. Please use the groups for homework to complete the task.Not all of the SPaG mats need to be completed, select what you feel is appropriate for your child.



This term the children will be assessed on Instruction Writing. Please practise the layout of writing instructions and the features that are included:title - How to
ingredients/things needed (include pictures)
method/instructions - numbered list of how to do things - step by step (include pictures)

should include: full stops, capital letters, time connective (first, next, then), commas for lists, bossy verbs (put, pour, pat etc).

pracitse the documents below...


This Term in science we have covered a range of topics such as food chains, forces and friction.
Below is different worksheets and booklets that may help your child during the examination period.

Please choose the areas in which you feel your child needs most revision in.