The Year 3 team has 11 members of staff this year:

Mr R. Burns – 3 Purple....................... Miss C. Murray – 3 Yellow
Miss J. Kleynhans – 3 Orange............. Ms Monique– 3 Green
Mr D. Mc Comiskey – 3 Indigo .........................Miss E. McMullan – 3 Red
Miss R. Howells – 3Blue ..........................Mr N. Burns – 3Aqua

Teaching assistants
Ms Magda Ms Beth Ms Sandra
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Weekly Note:

Reminder: Dress rehearsals for our end of year concert will continue this week. Please make sure your child brings their costume to school with their name and class clearly labelled on each piece of clothing.

Please remember to bring a HAT and WATER BOTTLE to school EVERYDAY.

This week we will be studying:
English: This week the children will begin to study the features of adventure stories. They will look at different adventures stories, including Alice in Wonderland. They will then begin to create a setting for their own adventure story.

Mathematics: This week the children will be continuing to focus on multiplication and division facts. We will begin by dividing numbers by 3,4,5 and 8. We will then move onto using the chunking method with remainders. Children will also recap the use of grid method to multiply numbers and will begin to look at the concept of estimating.

Science: The children will continue on the topic of Forces and Magnets. They will look at the different types of magnets and will test the strength of various types.

History: This week we will begin our topic of the Olympics. Children will be using a timeline to date the history of the Olympics.

A water bottle and hat must be brought to school each day. Each should be clearly labelled with their name and class.
No hat no play. Please ensure all children have their hats with them.
There are no ball allowed at break time because of the increase of arguments and injuries they have created lately at break time
Spellings will be issued on Wikispace website at http://newtonbarwaacademy.wikispaces.com/

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Image result for homework banner

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Dear parents,
We have uploaded some extra activity sheets including reading comprehensions and grammar practice for your children to do at home.

These extra activity sheets will not be marked in class, they are for your child to do some extra reading practice at home if they wish. Answers have been provided for your convenience.

Please use the websites such as Education City Top Marksand Active Learn for some extra practice.



Click on the links below to help you revise your times tables.Good luck!






Abacus and Bug Club - This is an online Mathematics and English Interactive Resource.
  • Teachers will allocate work to their classes on a weekly basis.
  • Click below to go to the website, or follow the web link provided - www.activlearnprimary.co.uk

Don't forget to look at your Education City homework too!!!http://www.educationcity.com/


Bienvenue dans la classe de françaisavec Madame Laura Hérout!

Thank you very much for your participation in the French breakfast! The children had a great time and learned more about the French culture.

useful websites.jpg

Useful websites

I recommend and encourage children and parents to use the following websites at home for consolidation:
Languages Online - French

Languages Online 2 - French


Online dictionary: reverso.net


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This week, the children are learning about the colours.

French colours.jpg


Use the correct colours to complete the rainbow. Utilise les bonnes couleurs pour compléter l'arc-en-ciel.

Write the French colours in the correct place. Ecris les couleurs au bon endroit.

Colouring sheets to practise (NOT HOMEWORK):

Weekly Challenge.png

The Weekly Challenge

Say the colour, NOT the word!


Music or Story of the Week

This week, I am sharing with you the story of The Wolf Who Wanted to Change Colour (Le loup qui voulait changer de couleur). The Wolf is a character used in France in foundation and primary schools. We also use it in the French classroom and the children love it. The book is available in the French classroom for the children to have a look. Please find below the pdf version of the book and the youtube video.
Ask your child to colour in the names of the colours and the wolf using the correct colours.
Which other words can your child understand from the stories?