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The Year 3 team has 12 members of staff this year:

Mr R. Burns – 3 Purple....................... Miss R. Kelly – 3 Yellow
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Miss J. Kleynhans – 3 Orange............. Mr A. Campbell– 3 Green

Ms A. Laird – 3Indigo .........................Miss E. McMullan – 3 Red

Miss M. Daly – 3Blue ..........................Mr N. Burns – 3Aqua

Mr T. Kenrick – 3 Teal

Teaching assistants

Ms Olga Ms Elwine Ms Sandra

Image result for parents information
Image result for parents information

Term Two is over and what a busy time it has been! Teachers, children and parents have all worked very hard and deserve a well earned break.
Just a few reminders for Term Three
  • Weather in Qatar is getting very hot! In Term 3 'No Hat No Play' will take effect (PLEASE LABEL)
  • Please ensure pupils are coming to school with a water bottle to stay hydrated

Test Timetable

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Image result for homework

Children have now received a homework folder and they will keep their homework in it every week.
Homework is due back on Wednesday of each week.
Children have now been given a homework set group. The groups are: A,B or C.
Each week homework will now be set into groups for English and Mathematics, eg if your child is in group B they complete section B.
If you have any queries please contact your child's class teacher.

Term 3 Summary Pack
Below is the summary pack which has included all topics covered this term. There will be an answer booklet online on Thursday.


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Our new French vocabulary, which the children can practise at home:

Here is the worksheet we completed in class this week:

Some extra work for those children who would like to challenge themselves this week: