The Year 4 team would like to welcome you all back for another year NBA. This is sure be another year of fun and learning for all pupils and Year 4 staff.
Each week homework will be uploaded onto wikispace, please ensure that all tasks are printed of for your child/children and completed to the best of their ability. All tasks should be completed by the children and not by an adult or home tutor. This is the best way for teachers to track pupils learning and know when extra assistance and guidance is needed.

Term Overview
Weekly Learning Overview


We have changed the format of our homework to try and meet the needs of all individuals.This is in response to feedback from parents, some would like more homework and others would like less. This new format is over two pages and gives the opportunity for children to expand and write more if you or they would like to, but is also a manageable amount for those who only have limited time.



Dear Parents,
Please note that there is no answer booklet for the History and Geography revision pack, as the children just need to learn the information from it. The exam will have two main types of questions. Firstly, to recall some of the facts, for example: when were colour televisions first sold in the UK? Secondly, to explain how changes to technology have effected people’s lives, for example: how have smart phones made it easier for people to communicate?


Education City and Top Marks are two websites that have a great variety of activities for your child to complete.

Education City has some good reading activities your child can complete which include comprehension questions.
If you are reading at home with you child, print of the following question cards and use them after or during reading to help your child improve comprehension skills.



Please use the websites below as well as Education City Top Marksand Active Learn to continue to practice over the summer

Here you can find the Targets your child is expected to reach as a Year 4 student

Click on the links below to help you revise your times tables.

Good luck!


Mental Math.jpg

If you would like an extra challenge please find a link to lots of extra Mental Arithmetic Activities attached.

There is a target sheet and book marks of the vocabulary used for the four operations. Please use these to help you and your child.


Please downoad the parent information booklet below for more information on our current Science Topic; Livng Things and their Habitats.





New passwords for EducationCity are in the children's Homework planners

If you have any questions or would like to arrange time to meet or discuss any issues regarding your child's progress and development, please contact your child's teacher using the class Dojo or their student planner.

Class Dojo link


Bienvenue dans la classe de français, Year 4
avec Madame Pérut !

Curriculum – Assessment:
In the French classroom, a variety of activities (French exercise book, worksheets, videos, songs, games, interactive lessons) will help children in their learning of the French language and culture.
lien.jpg I recommend and encourage children and parents to use the following websites at home for consolidation:
Voici des liens utiles pour les révisions à la maison:
Languages Online - FrenchLanguages Online 2 - FrenchOnline dictionary:

video-logo.jpg I recommend to watch these videos: useful resources for learning French

House in French

new_yellow2.png CHECK UPDATES for FRENCH every FRIDAY MORNING!

New TOPIC TERM 3: La maison (the house)

For the next 3 weeks, during Ramadan, Year 4 children will learn more about the topic of "the house".

They will identify the rooms and a few objects you can find at home.


Prepare French Term 3, learn more about the house in French.
Go to Linguascope - Beginner- Menu "Mon environnement" and click on the topic "Ma maison".

linguascope_logo_header_large.pngLinguascope - French website

For copyright reason, we cannot display anymore online the username and password for Linguascope website.

Children have been given a note on their planner with the new username and password to give them access to Linguascope website.

Thank you for your understanding!

Madame Pérut.