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Please ensure your child prints off their specific maths homework and that all of the activities are completed. Any problems with printing should be reported to the class teacher at the start of the school week. Thank you for your support. Year 5 Teachers.
Homework is uploaded to WikiSpace every Thursday. Mathematics homework must be given to class teacher every Wednesday.All remaining homework to be given to class teacher on Thursday for marking.

Parent Notices

Weekly Notes-Science Week



During the the week of 15 - 19 January 2017 NBA will be enjoying Science Week which will conclude on Thursday the 19th of January with a Science Fair. Students will bring in their projects and present them to visiting parents, teachers and their fellow classmates. Students are to select one project to complete at home. They can select one of the attached projects or they can choose their own project/investigation. Students must conduct an investigation with a focus on the scientific method. Some ideas have been attached and may be used. Students are responsible for gathering their own materials at home and all the work must be done at home. The document attached will help with the investigation and how to present the information gathered. We are not allowing volcanoes and mentos and coke demonstrations. All Science Fair projects must be brought to school on the 19th of January. Students will also enjoy a variety of different activities during the week.

Mad Scientist - students are encouraged to dress up as a MAD SCIENTIST on the day of the Science Fair

Please make sure all investigations are safe!

Letter To Parents



Have Fun


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*Mathematics homework must be given to teacher each WEDNESDAY*

Mr Doherty, Mr Hutchin, Mr Peart, Miss Robb, Mr Dobson

Mr Balmer

Science Topic - Forces

Topic - The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons



Term 2 Year 5 French (from 3rd until 26th January 2017)

Y5 children will learn more about the topic of sports in the French class during term 2:

Sports & opinions: they will learn how to say a wide range of sports.

They will be able to express their opinion about the sports they like and dislike.

  • YEAR 5 Class-Project :


"Les sports, la fĂȘte nationale du sport au Qatar":

Y5 children must collect pictures (cliparts, photos, drawings) of a variety of sports.

Children will make a poster in class to write about the sports they like and dislike. They will illustrate their opinions with the pictures they collected at home.

In order to celebrate Qatar Sports National Day (14th February), children will create a banner to promote sports at school.

linguascope_logo_header_large.pngFrench website - Linguascope

Username: nba_french

Password: nba_barwa

devoirs.jpg French Homework:

Week 3 from 15th to 19th January: students must revise the sports on Linguascope and read the learning mat (opinions and reasons) to express the sports they like and dislike.

  • Students are encouraged to bring pictures or drawings of the sports they like or dislike for their class project that they will complete in class next week (22-26 January)!

Week 2 from 8th to 12th January: revise French opinions + review the sports on Linguascope website

Instructions and guidance for this week French Homework on sports

If it is not finished yet, complete the worksheet "les sports" provided in class. You can save the file in your French folder.

French learning mat: sports and opinions

Sports 1 (indoors sports - colour) - optional (Don't print/ Save the file)

Sports 1 (indoors sport - black and white) - optional (Don't print/ save the file

Abacus and Bug Club - This is an online Mathematics and English Interactive Resource.
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