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Please ensure your child prints off their specific maths homework and that all of the activities are completed. Any problems with printing should be reported to the class teacher at the start of the school week. Thank you for your support. Year 5 Teachers.
Homework is uploaded to WikiSpace every Thursday. Mathematics homework must be given to class teacher every Wednesday.All remaining homework to be given to class teacher on Thursday for marking.

Parent Notices
Weekly Notes


Front Cover

Weekly Overview - This should be printed and stapled into your child's homework book.


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*Mathematics homework must be given to teacher each WEDNESDAY*

Mr Doherty, Mr Hutchin/Mrs Hengen - Group C

Mr Peart, Miss Robb, Mr Dobson - Group B

Mr Balmer - Group A

See Weekly Overview

Science Topic - Animals, Including Humans

See Weekly Overview

Topic - Environmental Geography

See Weekly Overview

external image stock-photo-revision-fun-sign-for-school-work-homework-revising-skills-exams-and-tests-teaching-and-457240210.jpg To be uploaded on: Tuesday 21st March

Below are a list of activities and worksheets that your child can work through in preparation for their tests. I would strongly advise that your child does not complete every single activity. They should focus only on the areas they are finding difficult.

These revision packs do not come into school. They are to be completed at home. If however your child needs help with particular topics, teachers will be happy to help.

English Writing

English Reading






(Please check updates every Friday morning!)

Term 2 Year 5 French:

video-logo.jpgWatch the following videos on Youtube about sports, opinions about sports (likes/dislikes):

French vocabulary: les sports

Les sports 2: vocabulaire

Likes-Dislikes for sports

EXAMS-LOGO.pngY5 children will sit the End of Term 2 French Examination next week during French lesson!

Y5 Blue / Purple / Green

Sunday 26th March=

Y5 Orange / Red / Yellow

Monday 27th March=

Review the lessons (check the correction "Revision Pack", go online on linguascope "sports and leisure activities") to prepare your assessment.

linguascope_logo_header_large.pngFrench website - Linguascope

For copyright reason, we cannot display anymore online the username and password for Linguascope website.
Children have been given a note on their planner with the new username and password to give them access to Linguascope website.
Thank you for your understanding !
Madame PĂ©rut.

devoirs.jpg French Homework: review the topic (sports / leisure activities / instrument of music) for the French Examination Term 2.

EXAMS-LOGO.png French Examination Term 2 : Revision Pack / Speaking Assessment

Year 5 Revision Pack include the vocabulary, reading, writing exercises and preparation for French examinations.

Abacus and Bug Club - This is an online Mathematics and English Interactive Resource.
  • Teachers will allocate work to their classes on a weekly basis.
  • Click below to go to the website, or follow the web link provided - www.activlearnprimary.co.uk

activelearn1-400x245.jpgClick me
This is what your child's account should look like once they have logged on. Your child can access any work set by the teacher in the 'My Stuff' folder.

Don't forget to look at your Education City homework too!!!http://www.educationcity.com/