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Homework is uploaded to WikiSpace every Thursday.
All homework to be completed and handed to class teacher on Thursday for marking.

Curriculum Letter
Please find this terms copy of the curriculum letter below. This is an overview of the topics and areas we will cover in class

Year 5 - Class Timetables

Image result for international day
Image result for international day

As our school is welcoming to many different communities we feel the need to celebrate our Diversity. Each class has been allocated a country and it is our job to research that country for the rest of the school.

Our countries for Year 5 are:

Blue- Australia
Red- Brazil
Yellow- Mexico
Purple- South Africa
Green- Wales

Sunday 21st JanuaryThe children must prepare a poster for for their country and will be entered into a competition to win a prize. The poster must include facts and pictures about that country and inform people of the amazing things they can find and do there.

Thursday 25th of JanuaryThe children can bring in a selection of foods from that country to be added to our international buffet. Please can I remind parents to be careful bringing in food that may contain nuts or seafood as some children may have allergies.

Good Luck my International Superstars!!!

Image result for eca
Image result for eca

ECA's will be commencing Sunday 21st of January. This means that Year 5 have the mornings of 14th, 15th and 16th to sign up to an ECA activity. The activities are strictly first come first served basis and if a club has been filled then the second option will be given.
ECA clubs have now been filled and children will be given letters confirming their club.


This week the homework will cover our core curriculum areas. The children will be expanding their knowledge of areas already covered through the week.

Good Luck Year 5.Please ensure your child prints off their specific maths homework and that all of the activities are completed.Any problems with printing should be reported to the class teacher at the start of the school week. Thank you for your support. Year 5 Teachers.


The spelling format has changed for Term 2. All children will be given 10 words to learn. The words are to be researched in a dictionary to find the definitions, a skill which will help develop a greater understanding and comprehension skills in reading.

After the first couple of weeks the teachers will assess if a reduced number of words to learn would benefit your child and will inform you accordingly.

Good Luck everyone!!!

Useful Educational Websites__
Below is a list of websites that can be used at home to support your child in their learning.
Internet search guide for children
Learning facts
Ask a question
Literacy & Maths
General resources
General resources
General resources
General resources
General resources
Learning games


French: Bienvenue dans la classe de Mme Pérut

Curriculum – Assessment:

In the French classroom, a variety of activities (French exercise book, worksheets, videos, songs, games, interactive lessons) will help children in their learning of the French language and culture.
I recommend and encourage children and parents to use the following websites at home for consolidation:
Voici des liens utiles pour les révisions à la maison:
Languages Online - FrenchLanguages Online 2 - FrenchOnline dictionary: reverso.netLinguascope

new_yellow2.pngTopic Term 2: "Ma famille, ils sont comment?" - My family, what are they like?: children in Year 5 will describe relatives, use possessive adjectives "my".

They will also consolidate how to describe someone's personality and physical description using comparatives and superlatives, adjectives agreement and forming negative sentences.

Project: at the end of term 2, for their speaking assessment, children are expected to introduce in French a member of their family (PowerPoint Presentation or Poster).

French Club Book 2 by Rosi McNab, Collins, Unit 2, Ma famille.

linguascope_logo_header_large.pngFrench website - Linguascope
For copyright reason, we cannot display anymore online the username and password for Linguascope website. Children will get a note on their planner with the username and password to give them access to Linguascope website. Thank you for your understanding !
Madame Pérut.

devoirs.jpg French Homework:

internet.jpgFamille - Family (French-Arabic)

Abacus and Bug Club - This is an online Mathematics and English Interactive Resource.
  • Teachers will allocate work to their classes on a weekly basis.
  • Click below to go to the website, or follow the web link provided - www.activlearnprimary.co.uk

activelearn1-400x245.jpgClick me
This is what your child's account should look like once they have logged on. Your child can access any work set by the teacher in the 'My Stuff' folder.

Don't forget to look at your Education City homework too!!!http://www.educationcity.com/

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This section will be used during revision periods for the end of Term 2.Please ignore this section until the revision period before the exams when it will be updated (25th of February)